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There is no option to change the graphics on android. How can I do this?

There is no option even in the original game, you don't have to change it! It's fine!

But when I just play the game without modifing settings, it doesnt save my data and when I relaunch the game, I start ALL over. I tried this on my Samsung Tab 3 and my Samsaung Galaxy S4

Samsung Phones really have a bad modification when playing this type of game mods. Try on a different phone!

I have a HTC sprint phone that I have but before I try, what is the minimum android requirements (like what Android Version does it need to be on?)

It should be on Android 4.4+

i think this is a mod


Why This Geometry Dash Game Is Only For Android 


Thank me later!

Thank What Later?

you said that why this game is for android only right?

So I provided you a link to play it on PC ..

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Is  it for mac too?

sorry, it's not


proborly because play store has so many random versions and fakes of popular game

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